This Seneca Street address has a long and colorful history. The first recorded deed is 1854 on the main street of original Newcastle later named Webster City, Iowa.  The address has had a variety of entrepreneurs.  One of the earliest business here was a barbershop. Between the years of 1908 and 1926, a bakery, a confectionary, second hand furniture and stove shop occupied these spaces.

By 1926, the Up River Ice Company had located it’s sales outlet on this busy corner. This business, operated by Zublin and Garth, hold many fond memories for local citizens and many still remember Sam, the iceman, who delivered ice to the homes and businesses. The walls of the building still bear the marks of the ice picks where chunks of ice were cut off and stuck to the wall. Eventually ice was no longer in such great demand and the building was sold to the Middleton Produce Company. Instead of ice, feed and seed were sold to area farmers.

Middleton Produce was in the business in Webster City since 1920’s selling and buying eggs, cream, milk, and chickens to area residents. In 1984 the buildings were purchased from Mr. Middleton by three women artists who were in search for a building where they could locate their studios and businesses. The buildings share a lot of local history as well as a lot of original charm.

The buildings were renovated with a commitment to maintaining their historical origins.